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Setana Works supports B2B Tech start-up and scale-up businesses run faster and accelerate.

Drawing on our vast experience working with businesses of all sizes from around the world we are the partner you need whether you’re looking for a quick shake up, medium term mentoring, or a long term realignment.

Build sales pipelines, implement processes, develop strategies and explore communications options for fast, manageable growth.

our focus

We focus on four key areas of your business to prepare it for rapid, sustainable, pain-free growth.

our services

Founding a business is exciting. Creating products is fun. Positioning and structuring your business for success in the long-term is just really hard.

We’ll support you while you do the hard part.

Sales Strategy and Execution
The key to accelerated growth is professional sales strategy. Businesses need to plan and monitor their sales pipeline to properly target resources and maximise cash-flow. Segregating customers with a book of business further helps with strategic planning. Identifying and properly exploiting new business channels underpins a successful go to market strategy.

It is also vital to create a culture to support growth and celebrate success, allowing sales teams to develop their skills while being able to balance their needs with those of the customer.

We provide a range of services to help you leverage your sales processes to deliver explosive growth, from one-off seminars to long-term direction and mentoring. We cover relationship mapping, campaign planning and execution, negotiation and closing, and sales training in an array of formats.

Story Creation
Your products are complex and rely on cutting-edge technologies and practices. We have the skills to cut through the complexity and explain the brilliance of what you do to customers, investors, partners and employees without losing any of the shine.

We develop sales pitches that align your products and services precisely with your customers’ needs.

We create compelling narratives to attract investors and business partners.

We provide articles, blog posts, whitepapers and presentation material for conferences, websites & social media that express the full value of what your company represents.

Process Innovation
Process isn’t sexy. You don’t wake up in the middle of the night excited by dreams of workflow. But a business cannot grow effectively without the proper structure underneath it.

Our process innovation techniques are designed to line-up your business with your customers while minimizing the burden on your staff. Processes should be strong enough to be a framework for rapid growth, but flexible enough to adapt to your customers’ needs. They need to allow your staff to develop their talents without tying them to their desks.

If you’ve identified a bottle-neck or simply feel things could be done better, we’re here to help you design a way forward.

Cultural Alignment
It is our firm belief that we have moved beyond the idea of work-life balance. Work is now such a fundamental part of life that we should instead think in terms of working in the same way we want to live. One way to do this is to develop company cultures that are based on kindness.

Business culture is vitally important for attracting new team members, vital funding, and most importantly, customers. But the culture within your business comes from the top down.

We can guide you on the leadership journey that will create strong, diverse, high-performing teams by providing a combination of analysis, seminars and events, and mentoring and guidance.

Our Customers


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Providing Fortune 500 companies with actionable, real-time, product level insights to increase your eCommerce market share.

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The Smart Home Company

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our principals

Our principals have known each other for decades, been through thick and thin together and have brought all their experience under one roof for you to benefit from.


President & Sales Strategist

Helen makes business better. She has grown businesses in Europe and North America while keeping customer and employee satisfaction extremely high. She is an empathetic leader and an inspirational mentor. Outside of work, her creative outlets are gardening, card games and planning her next 10k run.

Expect dog pics.



Communications Specialist

Chris understands technology and knows how to explain it. He is able to simplify things while respecting their complexity. Outside of work, his creative outlets are cookery, squash, and occasional musical outbursts.

Expect to laugh.



Process Design and Training

Catherine shapes the interface between people and organisations. She has consulted across a wide range of industries including government, aerospace and manufacturing, designing and re-designing processes and work-flows, and developing and delivering training that works.

Outside of work, her outlets are skiing, yoga, and spending time outdoors with her family and golden retriever, Bella.

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