Running a business is hard 🀬

Founding a business is exciting. Creating products is fun. Positioning and structuring your business for success in the long-term is just really hard. We’ll support you while you do the hard part.

Setana πŸ’­

(n.) [orig. Sanskrit Cetanā] The way in which the mind moves an idea in a particular direction. The mental factor that is concerned with the actualization of a goal, manifesting the future, and the most important factor in the generation of karma.

Works 🏭

(n ) A place where people are employed to create things, such as a factory.

(n.) The sum total of an artist's achievements.

(v.) Functions - e.g. "it works beautifully"

Here's What we do πŸ€—


We bring ideas to life, helping to guide the journey from initial idea through to developing a thriving business.


"The way we've always done things" doesn't always do things right. We're great at un-sticking things when you're stuck.


Done right, business can be a positive force for whole communities. Change the world or go home.


We're always thinking about the next meal - something is always cooking or baking. And we needed another 'c' word...

Our Fabulous Customers πŸš€

We have had the pleasure of working with some tremendous companies over the years and we're looking forward to building on our mutual successes.

Our awesome team πŸ˜‡

Helen and Chris are a husband-and-wife team with a great complimentary skillset. They have worked in enterprise businesses as well as startups, and have advised across a wide array of industries.

Helen Wilde

Helen Wilde

Sales and Business Operations

Helen makes business better. She has grown businesses in Europe and North America, being responsible for P & L’s in size from millions to billions, while keeping customer and employee satisfaction extremely high.
She is an empathetic leader and an inspirational mentor. Outside of work, her creative outlets are gardening, card games and planning her next 10k run.

Expect dog pics 🐢.

Chris Bell

Chris Bell

Technology and Marketing

Chris understands technology and knows how to explain it. He is able to simplify concepts while respecting their complexity. Over a twenty-five year career he has taken on challenges in WiFi and emerging networking technologies and more recently has pushed into the field of AI and Machine Learning.
Outside of work, his creative outlets are cookery, squash, and occasional musical outbursts.
Expect to laugh 😹.

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Reach out to us here and let's start our journey together.

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